Semi-Permanent Brows

Our Semi-Permanent Brows are created using fine nano needling technology to create hair strokes for a more natural-looking brow or powder brows to create more of a “make-up look effect” we can also combine both techniques to create a “combo brow”, giving you the best of both!

Semi-Permanent Makeup is suited to every client and every skin type. A thorough consultation is carried out, and during this time, we can create your desired shape by measuring out the brow before carrying out the treatment; we also custom blend pigments to your desired colour, so no matter what tone and colour of hair you have naturally, whether it’s warm, cool or ash you can have the perfect set of brows tailored especially for you.

Consultation and patch testing are required.

Consultation & Patch Test                       £30.00

Powder Brows inc 4-week top-up          £

Hair Stroke Brows inc 4-week top-up    £

Combo-Brows inc 4-week top-up           £

Brow top-up six months                          £

Brow top-up 12 months                           £