Laser Treatments

We are delighted to be able to offer the latest technology in Laser Treatment for Hair Removal, Acne Clearance, Vascular Lesions, Skin Rejuvenation and Facial Thread Vein Removal.

Our Sirius machine by Ellipse continues the same high standards that have positioned the Ellipse brand in the lead since 1997. Dual-mode filtering and Square Pulse Technology, which eliminate the need for active cooling and enhanced efficacy, are two reasons why The Sirius by Ellipse is so highly respected. Ease of use, variety of treatments, speed, and virtual silence are few of the reasons it is so widely used.

The prices listed below are per session and a guide only. All Laser will require a course of treatment; the details of this will be discussed during your consultation.

Please note we can treat most areas, so please get in touch if you don’t see an area you are looking for.


Hair Removal Prices

Consultation & Patch Test      £30.00

Top Lip                                   £60.00

Chin                                        £60.00

Top Lip & Chin                       £90.00

Sides of face – From                £60.00

Neck – From                            £60.00

Underarm                               £120.00

Standard Bikini                      £120.00



Brazillian (landing strip)       £150.00

Hollywood (everything off)  £180.00

Half Leg                                £240.00

Full Leg                                 £420.00

Back or Chest – From            £240.00

Photo Rejuvenation

We can safely remove age spots, diffuse redness, treat Rosacea and improve uneven pigmentation and safely remove facial thread veins with this complete facial skin rejuvenation treatment. Also boosts and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. 

Full face                      £115.00

Pigment spot-from    £30.00

Thread veins-from     £30.00


Acne Clearance

Laser for acne clearance is an effective light-based therapy that targets the bacteria present in the follicle and kills it off faster than it can reproduce. It also helps reduce inflammation and diffuses redness.


Tattoo Removal

We can effectively remove unwanted tattoo’s using our ND YAG laser machine. 90-95% of all tattoos can be safely treated with minimal risk and scarring. All procedures are carried out by highly qualified laser technicians.

The laser breaks down the pigment deep in the layers of the skin where your body then removes the tiny particles via the lymphatic system, so whatever your reason for wanting to remove your tattoo, whether it’s an old design, date or name that’s not relevant, you need a blank canvas for a new design or simply just need your current tattoo faded down we can help.

A thorough consultation is required, and a treatment plan will be discussed. A course of sessions will be required.

Consultation & Patch test  £30.00

Per Session, from  £50.00