Electrolysis is a safe and effective procedure for removing upper lip hair, chin hair, and hair on the breasts.

It can also be used to shape eyebrow hairs. It is the only permanent treatment that can remove white and grey hair.

We use diathermy, which involves the insertion of a very fine needle around the same thickness of the hair into the follicle, heating the root of the hair to a high temperature so it kills the hair and it cannot grow back. A new sterile needle is used at each visit.

Advanced Electrolysis can also be used for the removal of skin tags and to diffuse facial thread veins.

Hair Removal

Minimum charge     £20.00

15 Mins                      £25.00

30 Mins                      £30.00

Skin Tags & Facial Thread Veins 

Minimum charge     £20.00

15 Mins                      £35.00

30 mins                      £40.00